Viewline is designed to help drainage contractors produce professional CCTV survey reports at a very reasonable price. Viewline reporting software is MSCC5 compliant (Industry Standard) and the license is a one off fee with free support for the first year.

Designed by CCTV surveyors to be easy to use and highly professional, Viewline will put your company ahead of the rest.

Hard copy reports are produced in PDF, which is an open standard for electronic distribution. The result is a top quality drain condition reporting program at a very reasonable price to produce industry standard reports that your customer will easily understand.

Our format incorporates a professional design with your company logo available on each page, as well as site and client details on the front page. Section Header and Observation data is laid out according to the standard (BS EN 13508).

Images of defects are added per section and a site plan can be added as the final page.

Reports can be sent as a folder to any cloud storage system and viewed as a web page. Your clients can see the the report detail with video as soon as it has been uploaded. To this end we have incorporated a very good compression system, meaning video file sizes are very small.

Our main product has been designed for drainage contractors that primarily carry out commercial and domestic CCTV investigations on 100 to150 mm dia. pipe work. We also provide a full MSCC5 product that includes the full coding system as well as auto SRM and DRB grading of sections surveyed.

You can download a free version and trial it for 30 days to test or contact us, we are generally available during normal working hours. The download button is located to the right.

(If you are testing live recording and reporting we recommend the Xvid MPEG-4. If you are importing we also recommend installation of the K-Lite mega codec pack).

  • Produce professional hard copy reports with pictures.
  • Print to PDF facility.
  • Loaded with a full set of MSCC5 standard codes and observations.
  • Compatible with any CCTV survey system.
  • Record live footage straight to your laptop while you report.
  • Approved by the NADC.
  • Import of video files to each section header.
  • Will accept any video input including WiFi drain camera streams (via RTSP).
  • Impress your customers with a great CCTV report.
  • 12 months comprehensive support provided.