Toughbook Deal – Windows 7 Pro, Intel i5 processor, Solid State Hard Drive, 8Gb RAM with Viewline CCTV software + Video Capture Device.


A rugged, industrial Tough Book laptop in an ultra strong magnesium alloy case with CCTV survey reporting software.

Will connect to wireless camera systems.

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A robust laptop with our software already loaded, ready to go.

You can connect to any CCTV system to report live from site using a laptop that is built for the rough and tumble of site work.


Fully loaded with our reporting software so you can create reports live from site.

Viewline reporting software allows a live feed from any camera system that enables video out. Whether that is via a BNC composite out or via one of the new range of WiFi drain camera systems just coming to market.

With our software on this robust unit you could have a full CCTV survey system with a reporting program for less than £4.5K*.

* Based on XTI’s XT1300 coiler system with their Look-See Unit.

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Our deal

The Toughbooks we supply are A+ grade second user units. They are always in superb condition. We supply a one year warranty for defective hardware, (not damaged hardware).


The CF-53 combines premium mobile business quality with state-of-the-art PC performance and communication features. The offer includes the following:

  • Intel® Core i5 4310U vPro Processor
  • Windows 7 Professional 64bit
  • Intel® HD 4400 graphics
  • 14”HD Active Matrix (TFT) colour LCD
  • Robust magnesium alloy display case
  • Shock-protected, easily removable HDD
  • Integrated DVD Multi Drive
  • USB 3.0 and serial port
  • Battery life up to 15 hours (mobile mark 2007)
  • 2nd Gigabit LAN or rugged USB optional
  • Dedicated U-Blox 8 GPS or RFID optional
  • Solid State Hard drive increasing boot and application speeds. Boots in 10 seconds. 250 Gb
  • Minimum 8Gb of DDR3 RAM
  • Withstands drops from a height of 76cm*
  • 1 year standard warranty
*Non-operating, 6 surfaces (tested at Panasonic laboratory; no guarantee that unit never gets broken. We don’t warranty broken machines. This product is an A+ grade refurbished unit, optimised by a trade professional).


This offer also includes our Viewline 550 CCTV reporting software:

  • Annual License.
  • MSCC5 Domestic Code compliant.
  • Support and upgrades for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Easy intuitive use.
  • PDF, Word*, HTML and XML report outputs.** (Click here for example reports).
  • Can either record and report live footage or import saved video files.
* Microsoft Office required.


Also included:

  • Video capture device, cable and BNC/RCA adapter*
  • Carriage.

* (Your CCU must have a video out to enable live site reporting. Most systems do, but if not then contact your supplier. Viewline will operate with wireless systems, this requires no cabling and will work up to 50 metres line of site. Viewline will also import video files from memory stick, SD card, Hard Drive and remote storage).

The offer price for this deal is £1,150.00. We have a limited amount of stock available for this offer. If you want to learn more about this deal click here.

Warranty:     Free 12 Months Unconditional Return to Base Warranty (damage not covered).

Typical Toughbook spec for the models we supply:

“The chassis has a thicker layer of magnesium alloy than your average laptop, protecting it from the inadvertent bumps and knocks a typical briefcase goes through. The CF-53 is part of Panasonic’s semi-rugged line, which means it can withstand a drop; it has a spill-through keyboard (there is a porthole that drains out from the keyboard to the bottom of the laptop), as well as a strong resistance to extreme temperatures.”