1. Ensure you have the latest version of Viewline Installed.
  2. Ensure your Toughbook is docked correctly. The front of the CF-31 should be locked beneath the front bracket. The back of the Toughbook should be located on the two pins and the sliding pin should be moved to the DOCK position.
  3. The Port Replicator and Toughbook should be charged and on.
  4. When Viewline is started and the Live button is selected you should see live video. If you don’t see live footage then click Tools and select Video Capture Setup. This will install the video capture driver. This may require a restart.
  5. To set up the Distance Reader (if it isn’t already set up) click Tools and select Distance Reader. Provide a Profile name and click Wizard. On the Wizard page, enter the calibration distance (10 metres is standard, this is 1000 CM). Reset the counter to zero. Pull out 10 metres of cable using a tape measure, this will give you a total number of clicks. Then click Done and this will add this information to the Profile. Click Ok to complete.
  6. To enable that Profile you will need to select it from the from the drop down located adjacent to the green New Observation button. If you see ‘No Distance Reader’, click on the drop down arrow and select the profile you created in the Wizard.
  7. If the distance reader is not working it is likely to be a driver issue. To install the driver: open device manager (Windows Start and type in Device Manager), right click on the yellow triangle and select update driver. Windows will then search for the driver and install it. Once installed, Viewline will recognise the device and tell you that it has.
  8. If video signal and counter reader are not recognised and the drivers are installed correctly (check Device Manager) it is likely to be a hardware issue or the Port Replicator USB port is disabled in BIOS. This is easy to resolve. We can help with this issue. If a hardware issue is suspected then contact AM Industrial.
  9. Click on Tools/Video Overlay to set up the Video Overlay. Click Video Overlay and enable Top Row Overlay and then enable Bottom Row Overlay, if they are not already enabled. This will show the date, time, distance and video reference on the video file. You can other information to be displayed.  For site and header information select Clapper Boards, select Display Time and then right click the space to select the fields from your header section that you want to display on your video on the first 5-10 seconds of your video. You can also display Observations information when saved (once saved to the video this information is fixed).