Technological Improvements

We work with a number of camera manufacturers to expand on camera control unit connectivity and also to create report outputs which adhere to the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (5 th edition) and the Water Research Centre’s recommended export/import XML schema. We are also really happy to work with related hardware and software providers to enable further system integration.

Below are some examples of the integrations we have been involved with to date.

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OCR Tools

We have been working on AI models that help CCTV surveyors code quickly and accurately. An important aspect of making an observation is noting the distance. This is normally overlaid onto the video file. Our challenge was to take this information at the time of image capture, recognise the text on the image and correctly infer the distance.
This requires a lot of training because text backgrounds vary greatly dependant on supplier and user preferences. However, we have had great success, especially on high contrast backgrounds, but also on transparent backgrounds (as per these examples). So, text is extracted and converted into editable information, reducing retyping.
We are also working on accurate defect predictions from captured images.

XTi Camera Control Units

We have worked closely with XTi for a number of years now . XTi camera control units can now be retrofitted to enable live reporting on site, utilising Viewline 550 and its powerful rich reporting output. 

Rausch Omnicron Integration

The Rausch Omicron system camera control unit includes twin joystick controls as well as a 12.1” touchscreen display. The onscreen functions incorporate the installation of the touchscreen version of Viewline. This powerful combination enables live reporting from the camera control unit.

Working with XML Standards

This project involved close collaboration to facilitate an easy transfer of survey details from Scanprobe’s Mina report offering into Viewline’s rich reporting output. Using the standard XML output, users of Scanprobe systems can report live using a smartphone connected to the camera control unit and then export the report data to Viewline.

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