Easy to understand traffic light system.

All sections DRB graded.

MSCC5 compliant for domestic/light commercial surveys.

Defect Description page.

Add your training certification.

WRc approved reporting software for drain surveys.

What is the traffic light system?

It’s a really easy to understand grading system. The Drainage Repair Book (DRB) classifies drains by A, B or C. Very simply: a grade ‘C’ is a defective drain that is likely to cause blockages due to operational or structural issues. A grade ‘B’ might cause a problem and a grade ‘A’ is a good drain.

The Water Research Centre (Wrc) recommend it, the insurance industry use it and surveyors use it. We just made it easier to understand by colour coding in a traffic light style.

Our customers asked for it because their customers asked for it, so we implemented it. This is the way we work. We listen to drainage guys because they know what they’re talking about.

Download a free, fully functional Demo here.