Installing recommended Video Codecs and Filters

Viewline is a DirectShow video application for Windows, and works best when a good set of codecs and filters are available to use on the host system.

Viewline is happy to use most conforming DirectShow components you have installed, or none at all.

For the best video results we highly recommend installing the following free software:

Playback Filters

We recommend the use of a package called Lav Filters to support a wide range of video formats.

Video Codec

For good compression performance and high quality video we recommend the use of the xvid Video codec.


Viewline builds a white list of safe compressors (Ones it is able to correctly connect to) the first time it runs.   If you need to refresh this list you can do so from the “Live” tab,  right click on the video area and open the settings from the menu.
Click “Rescan Compressors”

Although it is not a requirement, due to the fact some components might be in use when the installation runs, it is often a good idea to restart Viewline after installing video components, before scanning for new codecs and filters.


Please note that we do not develop or distribute either of the above linked components, both are free software and are provided under licenses provided by their respective developers.
Your use of the above video components is entirely optional and at your discretion, but highly recommended.

You can read more about Video and Codecs here