As members of the NADC in the UK we would like to welcome the NADC Australia and introduce it’s members to the services we provide.

Primarily we supply CCTV reporting software that complies with MSCC5 and we do it at a very reasonable price, including full support and upgrades. We have over 300 users in the UK and are now in the process of developing the application to include the Australian coding structure.

We firmly believe that appropriately trained CCTV operatives using reporting software that conforms to recognized standards is the only way forward. It inspires confidence within the industry and knocks out the cowboys.

As a company we have over 30 years hands on experience in the drainage industry from blockage clearance to pipe bursting. Our software is designed from the perspective of guys that that have actually been there and done it.

We also supply:

  • EstaMate – this is a simple estimating program that enables the user to create estimates quickly using existing rate schedules. This program was developed for an insurance claims handling company (Catalyst Claims) and its network of drainage contractors.
  • Manhole Reporting – we are also some way to completion of an application that allows the creation STC25 format Manhole Report sheets.
  • Wireless Reporting – our CCTV survey reporting software is the only software in the world that enables viewing and recording of streamed video. The latest camera systems are stand alone battery powered units that stream the video wirelessly. No cables. Any device (Laptop, tablet, smart phone) can then pick that signal up as long as they’re in range. Viewline will pick that signal up and record it.

Viewline will be bringing out an Australian version in the very near future.

If you are interested in being a reseller of our survey reporting software then please contact us.