We are well known for our domestic surveying application, Viewline 550 and our automatic SRM grading product, Viewline Industry. To add to these, we have developed new productsSTC25 manhole cards to match the ever-increasing use of smartphones and cloud technology and to provide more efficient methods of gathering data.

Now it is possible to complete manhole cards based on STC25 using an App available for Android and iOS.

Today everything you need to gather data on site, save it and send it, is in your pocket in the form of the smartphone. With this in mind, Viewline has created an App that enables the user to gather manhole survey data using smartphone technology. Information is added either by drop-down lists, by voice or taking pictures in a simple flowing process that ensures the user captures all the information. All data is captured and saved locally and securely. The data is then used to create a PDF report. This can then be shared to cloud space or sent as an email attachment.

There is also an additional option to export in an XML file format for import to Geographic Information Systems such as QGIS, Esri and ArcGIS.

More information on our manhole reporting system is available here.

Click here for Instructional Video


  • Reports saved to your phone or the cloud automatically and instantly.
  • Easy to use and creates great reports.
  • Everything you need all on a smartphone.
  • Voice recognition (Android).
  • Use your camera to collect general site photos and manhole photos.

The STC 25 Manhole Card app is available at the Play Store (Android) and at the App Store (soon).

CCTV Report on Google Play