Recording live footage while reporting is entirely possible with Viewline.

You will need a video capture device and a video out source from your camera system. The connections commonly used are BNC and RCA. We supply white label devices that we support (available at our store). The driver for the device will need to be installed to your computer to enable the device to work.

To enable smaller sized video files, when recording, you will also need to use a good compressor. We recommend and support Xvid MPG-4. If you haven’t already got it then it is a free download, from here, and then you just install it to your computer.

You may need to close and reopen Viewline to locate the video capture device.

To select the Xvid MPG-4 video file format just right click on the video pane. You will see the video settings, which should show the capture device you are using. You will also see a list of video compressors, select the Xvid MPG-4 format and Save.