In the Contractor Manager (via Settings or just F7) of Viewline you can edit, remove and create your Contractor details. That’s basically your details – although Viewline will cater for an unlimited amount of contractors, generally there is only one main contractor and that’s you.

You can also add your company logo (on the bottom row). Click on ‘Browse’ and navigate to your image file. Viewline will accept BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF images.

Because companies have different sized logo images, Viewline will squeeze or expand the image to get a best fit. This can result in poor quality images.

The optimum dimensions for your logo image are 4.25 cm x  0.95 cm (1000 pixels x 224 pixels), 600 pixels/inch. Here’s one we prepared earlier. (Actually this image is  shown at 300 pixels x 67 pixels, it has been compressed but still looks good). logo-example-copy

You can use this as an example. Download by clicking on the image.

Alternatively you can speak to your stationers. We have supplied a PSD image below for Photoshop users.

Photoshop PSD download

How the front cover of your Viewline report will look.

report front

section logo