Version Log.

Version 1.82
Report viewer direct to print preview.

Possible fix nud frame out of bounds exception (one mp4), if the video plays past reportedFrames nud frame should prevent going with it.

Further video frame out of range protection.

Cover page image, now deals with multiple dpi’s and larger images that would be scaled during generation.

Data.version updated.

Video control buttons improved.

Added default assets for report customisation.

Default report assets added to installer (not built).

Update logic for data.version 1.5 [report assets]

Build + ship v1.82 (March 12, 2018)

Version 1.83
New product guid for build + default colours changed for grades.

Copyright updated to 2018 and depth fields now indicated in reports in meters not mm’s

Display scaling settings fixed in app manifest

Build + ship 1.83.5 (May 15, 2018)

added ffmpeg as primary filter in ghdshow preferred filter chain.

vision ffmpeg now default option for video. Current decoder indicated on Video display.

Changes to improve memory consumption, range and image efficiency, and memory leaks in the report.

Pipeline image location now set dynamically as report parameter

Better report error messages.

Improved report error messages – now auto closes report after reporting error – Report refresh removed to prevent double generation.

Added low memory report option that removes pipeline image backgrounds.

Placeholders are now automatically removed from the report layout.

Blank page at back of report not a thing now.

Missing images set invisible in full report.

Postcode on cover page.

Contractor warning now not fatal and new contractor selected. Drivers (video grabber installer) removed from installer.

Build + ship v1.83.6 (May 25, 2018)

Version 1.84

Xvid dialogue pop up check and close.

Removal of finish node process, replaced with new finish add grade and description.

DRB grades feeding front cover and first three pages global traffic light system. DRB grade per section traffic lighted.

Score per defect added globally and per section.

Front cover layout adjusted to include site, client and contractor.

Addition of surveyor valid certificate data and raster print addition to final page.

Viewline advert added to final page.

Auto and suggested inclusion of lav/ffmepg filters. Will play most video formats.

Build + ship v1.84 (June 14, 2018)

Version 1.84-3

Sample grabber driver on tools menu

Section number included on observation report

Viewline footer text changed, and now contains viewline logo

No capture device message box actually removed (occurred in 2 places)

ffmpeg license applied on use.

Surveyor name now populated from contractor record for the first header

Fix to random application crash (ffmpeg forced single thread – interface objects released with Marshall.ReleaseComObject())

Fixes exception after use cancels out of new project – project manager, user selected video source now loads at start

Frame rate detection on vmr9Player removes the use of dexter lib. DsRot now disposed correctly to prevent issues with ffmpeg threading.

Corrections to 2 headers overview text in the demo project.

Certificate page at back of report

Blank lines removed from source

Missing database files

Certificate centering fix

nadc logo on back pages footer.

Global contractor details pull for reports

html report 50% left and right main sections

Assisted section completion

Assisted section completion, header indicator now clears with end node confirmation

Viewline logo refreshed in pdf full report

ffmpeg filter source + com register. Completion of section now correctly removes all orange highlight from the header.

.4.6, post sharp update and setup dependencies fixes

Possible ffmpeg doesnt correctly install and kills everything fix. ocr update, not understood, removed reference and added the same one to build in release. Setup project changes.

Remote download fixed (didnt create temp folder unless already existed)

Remote package install now only restarts if 0 is returned from the process. The busy dialog is now not set to be top most window sop it falls behind the install dialog. Busy dialog text is no longer highlighted. Error messages in the remote install process will not longer be hidden behind the dialog.

Project upgrade code recovered, project data upgrade changes.

Verified compressor preferred not rescans after install / restart

Finish Dialog updated and positioned to avoid observations.

No more minimize on report generation – version 1.84rc3

SA warning more visible on finish node form. Realigned grade labels on the main form “Double click” to complete survey.

Moved contact above name on site and client details.

Impossible to delete last contractor.

Video component updated for better seek compatibility on ffmpeg.

New product versions for setup. Fix to index outside bounds on add video to placeholder.

.avi removed from filenames in xml export with video.

Encoder on cap settings, truncated.

PDF report – Precis removed, and Full report Observation section should not not split from the header.

Changed logo in report to jpeg due to issues in acrobat and aliasing

Print Preview removed, now generates report direct to pdf and opens in default pdf viewer (Avoids dpi scaling issues in reporting services component).

Html reports now generate into a folder of “[project name] html”

Viewline 550 v1.84-3 Build + Ship (28/06/18)

Version 1.84-5

Resolved large file import of surveyor certificate and Site image. Useful warning, prevention and recommendation made if large raster images are imported.

resolved Section placeholder bug.

Viewline 550 v1.84-5 Build + Ship (06/07/18)

Version 1.85

Much improved project extraction for Air. Same aspect ratio video, Faster compression, Smaller files, Higher success rate (100% on demo project), skips already valid encoded files, Uses custom folder clear technique to avoid file in use issues.

Air project now also zipped

Initial form and basic layout for touch.

More buttons and features on the touch dialog.

Touch updates.

Specific video and observation controls for touch UI, and wiring into main application.

More touch screen updates, video source and capture options button (due to no right click), and vlc release to remove event subscription from disabled control

Additional touch updates including indication of the active header and project, matching list styles. Possible issue with observation capture button. Needs thought.

Delete button on touch for observations and headers.

capture screen screen size change events wired up, list views smaller font (12) as better fit on smaller screen sizes.

Touch observation screen now has capture button

video and image windows move to accommodate the observation input. Observation capture ability from observation screen. Label for active header and observation right aligned so visible with observation input active.

Touch pauses record capture if observation window opened.

v1.84-8 fix to cont logo won’t stick

Video Ref auto populate.

550 always open with video window. Prevented flick to capture and back being visible.

Touch stop recording double lock.

Survey complete dialog when video stops recording

Double click here now says double tap here for touch.

Touch edit contractor, and edit project buttons

Message indicating capture state, and status is clickable.

Touch edit button for observations and headers.

touch delete observation image.

Touch return to main window, more or less working – header list is disabled until project load (bug), and some components have the wrong z-index.

Grade scores updated for the WRC

Updates to defect scores and word grade changed to severity (or removed) and updates to text, for WRC

drb code auto generated, project assets and global data overwritten.

vs 1.85 wrc

fix to metric demo project not initialised until second press on some occasions

viewline 550 close touch screen video and header controls now work.

grade colour changes 4 now red.

updated severity grade groupings on headers UI to group 4 and 5 together.

drb grade now calculated after each observation save to prevent the grade coming out of sync

updated metric demo project again after recalculating drb scores.

drb calc fixes and demo project update

touch screen exit now correctly rebuilds the main UI

auto population of video ref now works when recording, video ref is validated if field is not empty. Stream or live preview provide 0:00:00 refs. Video ref added to second field of observation section in report.

When video is offline the tabs for the video control are now disabled to prevent any changes to video settings when things are initialising.

Added invoked thread to video change.

Evidence of misconnection not asked on header entry and stored in “present” field

Added misconnection to finish node dialog.

Misconnection now indicated in overview section of pdf report.

Various video fixes related to touch

More touch fixes – blocks exit if media action in progress, maintain active tab on enlarge / close

NO column hidden on touch observations list.

WRC approval logo.

Placeholder now allows comment, and asks for a comment on creation. Can no longer add video when project not loaded (caused crash)

After editing the contractor or the project, the active contractor – surveyor is checked against every header, if they do not all match, the offer is made to update them all to the new value.

Report manager now saves certificate included option.

Version increased to 1.85

Fixed misConnection reporting fails if headers reordered issue. Changed report manager publish to “Save As” Minor fixes.

Viewline 550 v1.85.3-2 Build + Ship (01/09/18)