Viewline features and functions are being improved on a regular basis. The addition of a new team member, Gavin Howden, who brings 18 years experience with Windows software, web applications and services, will benefit and streamline this process.Our focus has been (and will continue to be) the provision of an easy to use CCTV reporting package. We have built a great user base and reputation based on providing a great product – backed up with full support and regular updates.

We have added a number of report output improvements in Version 1.84, which is now available for download from our home page. We provide a free 30-day fully functional trial, if you are interested in using our standard compliant CCTV survey reporting application. So, why not trial our industry leading product?  Our reports can be output in PDF, Word or industry standard XML.

Example PDF Report.

We have added a new front cover page. This can be used to add an overall site image and is populated with Client details. We have also added Global DRB grades for the survey and total defect scores for the survey. This provides an at a glance impression for your clients:




The second page of our report includes Company, Client and Site information. We have increased the available space for your company logo, which will appear on each page of your report. We have also allowed for a place to enter the Surveyor and their Valid Certification Number:




We have added a detail page where you can add any information you feel relevant. We have provided some default information, which is completely editable.




Our new Overview page allows an ‘at a glance’ idea of the condition of the surveyed system. Sections can be graded A, B or C, colour coded and allows for remedial recommendations to be made. Your clients can use this as a guide to move on to the sections that might require more immediate attention. This information is added from the header entry area.




Our section header and observation information allows your clients to view the survey information in a clean and understandable fashion. We have improved this by allowing DRB grading of the section, using a traffic light system, to instantly indicate the condition of the section. This can be added from the header entry area.




Our Observation Image page enables you clients to visualise the Observation descriptions.


If you want to trial our product for 30 days with full functionality then please download and install. It’s completely free.

If you have any problems or want to get in contact with us for any reason please click here.

We’re right behind you…

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