Viewline AI OCR

What is Viewline AI OCR? Using computer vision techniques, we have developed a process that will detect the distance showing on your screen.

How do I get the most out of this? It’s best if the distance is the only text on the screen. It helps if the text contrasts with the background, black on white, white on black etc., although we have found during testing it’s accurate on most text formats. It’s even better if you use a format like 00.00m. You need an internet connection for this to work. If you have not got a connection, Viewline will let you know instead of wasting your time.

What does this mean for reporting? Viewline AI OCR is 99.5% accurate on most formats. This saves a number of keystrokes per observation and means you don’t need a hard connection from your cable reel to automatically populate your distance. We do this for you now.

What next? We are testing automatic defect and observation detection right now (with similar accuracies). Expect this to be available within weeks. This will mean Viewline should predict the distance and the defect based on the captured image, with excellent accuracy and saving you time.