Viewline is designed to help drainage contractors produce professional CCTV survey reports at a very reasonable price. Viewline reporting software is MSCC5 compliant (this is the Industry Standard) and WRc Approved.  The WRc Approved scheme is recognised and established in a range of industries; providing End-Users and Suppliers confidence that their products are fit-for-purpose.

We provide an annual subscription package that includes all support, updates and upgrades.

Designed by CCTV surveyors to be easy to use, easy to understand and highly professional, Viewline will put your company ahead of the rest. WRC Approved

Hard copy reports are produced in PDF, which is an open standard for electronic distribution. The result is a top quality drain condition reporting program at a very reasonable price that produces industry standard reports, which your customer will easily understand. Other report options include a web page report as well as an option for Microsoft Word reporting (requires Microsoft Office).

Example PDF Report.

Our format incorporates a professional design with your company logo available on each page, as well as site and client details on the front page. Section Header and Observation data are laid out according to the National Standard (BS EN 13508-1:2003).

Our latest version incorporates a site image on the front cover and an easy to understand traffic light system approach for easy interpretation. We use the industry standard Drainage Repair Book (DRB) grade system to classify sections. Grade ‘A’ sections are coloured green, Grade ‘B’ sections are amber and Grade ‘C’ sections are red.

We have also used colour coding to indicate how many scored defects have been reported and their severity.

Our reports are very easy to create and understand. Your clients should understand the condition of their drainage system, almost at a glance. Your clients don’t have to wade through the report, they can simply view our easy to understand coloured info-graphics on the front cover. The first pages of the project indicate the total number and severity of the graded sections contained within the project.

Sections also automatically display their individual DRB grade based on the peak defect severity noted within the section. We’ve tried to make it as easy as A, B, C.

We have also added an interpretation page where you can describe your reporting methodology or use the template we provide.

DRB GradesThe Overview section enables you to Grade the section and add more information or remedial recommendations. This information auto-populates the colour-coded grading system and the Overview section.

We feel using the DRB industry standard and adding colour coding will make interpretation of our reports far easier to the non-specialist. The report still details the required information but is built for ease of understanding.

We have listened to our growing army of users and incorporated the best ideas within our industry-leading domestic CCTV surveying product.

Images of defects are added per section and a site plan can be added as the final page. Video position reference is also added automatically.WRC approved

Reports can also be sent as a folder to any cloud storage system and viewed as a web page. Your clients can see the report detail with video as soon as it has been uploaded. To this end we have incorporated a very good compression system, meaning video file sizes are very small.

Our main product has been designed for drainage contractors that primarily carry out commercial and domestic CCTV investigations on smaller diameter pipework.

Typical Uses

  • Drainage Investigation
  • Site Surveys
  • Home Buyer Surveys
  • Condition Surveys
  • Build Over Surveys
  • Look-See Surveys
  • Pest Control
  • Pre and Post Lining
  • Pre and Post Cleansing

We also provide a full MSCC5 product that includes the full coding system as well as auto SRM and DRB grading of sections surveyed.

You can download a trial version to test or contact us, we are generally available during normal working hours. The download button is located to the right.

(If you are testing live recording and reporting we recommend the Xvid MPEG-4. If you are importing video files we also recommend the installation of the K-Lite mega codec pack).

  • Produce professional hard copy reports with pictures.
  • Overview Page – This is a colour coded, ‘at a glance’ page. The user can classify sections as A, B or C (A being good and C being bad). You can also type your recommendations here. Accessed from the Section detail area.
  • Colour coded, ‘at a glance’, graphical DRB grades on each page.
  • Colour coded defect indications per project and per section.
  • Print to PDF facility.
  • Loaded with a full set of MSCC5 standard codes and observations.
  • Compatible with any CCTV survey system.
  • Record live footage straight to your laptop while you report.
  • Approved by the NADC.
  • Import of video files to each section header.
  • Will accept any video input including WiFi drain camera streams (via RTSP).
  • Impress your customers with a great CCTV report.
  • Lifelong support and updates provided with each valid license.

*Viewline is competitively priced at £250.00 pa. Full support, upgrades and updates are included. The product requires occasional access to the internet to check license validity.

Example PDF ReportWRC Approved


Viewline 550 General Instructions for use and download: 



Version 1.85 additional instructions and download: Version 1.85 additonal instructions