DrainDraw: For Drainage site Plans

DrainDraw is designed to allow sketch plans of drainage systems to be added to Viewline drain condition reports and integrates with Viewline 550 to allow contractor, site and client details to populate the legend.

Adding property footprint and boundaries to the base template

Drag and Drop items 

The easy to use application contains a library of standard drainage apparatus images such as manholes and gullies that can be dragged and dropped onto the drawing area. These can be added to by allowing the user to create bespoke items and adding to the library. Once items have been added they can be configured in many ways including scaling, rotating, snapped to grid, point or line, copied and pasted.

Drag and drop library items.

Add Drainage Lines 

The line element is selected from the left hand panel with options to snap to grid or attach to point or line. Once selected the type can be decided: whether foul, surface water or combined. There is also an option to add a plain line. Lines are added by clicking at the start point, moving to the finish point and clicking again. Drainage lines should be added from their upstream appliance to the downstream outfall, as directional arrows are automatically added.

Adding drainage lines.

Add Reference Text

Text can be added by selecting from the left hand panel and then drawing a box on the image. Text can then be added using the lower right hand properties box. Text Type, Font, Size, Colour and Rotation can also be adjusted from this area.

Adding reference labels.

Add An Image

By selecting the Image button you can add a raster image (.png, .jpg, .bmp, .pdf) to your drawing. This might be useful if you have an existing site drawing you would like to add to.

Adding an image file.