Summer 2024 will deliver more CCTV report improvements, new import options and an enhanced video text writer – for live recordings […]
Conversations with our drainage contractors and their clients have revealed a very clear message. They love our traffic light colour […]
Our company Director, Ray Smith, passed away suddenly at home recently. This was a shock to his family, friends and […]
In England, the responsibility for maintaining the drainage system of a block of flats can vary depending on the specific […]
The property owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing any drains that are inside the boundaries (curtilage) of the property. […]
A drain is a pipe that serves the purpose of draining water and waste from a building and any other […]
This category applies to the apparatus that enables flow and access to the drainage system. In effect all the drainage […]
This should not be confused with below-ground pipework and is normally the grey, white PVC pipework that is located above […]
The commonly used standard for CCTV reporting is detailed in the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification Manuals (MSCC). There is […]
A CCTV survey is the most commonly used method of establishing the condition of a below-ground drain. This may be […]