Single Property Maintenance Responsibility

The property owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing any drains that are inside the boundaries (curtilage) of the property. These are known as private drains. If there are any issues with private drains, the property owner needs to arrange and pay for the repairs. Be aware that if any other property is connected, prior to or within the property boundary, then at this point this becomes a Lateral Drain. The property owner is not responsible for maintaining or repairing lateral drains; instead, the local water company is responsible for them. Owners have the freedom to choose whichever company they prefer to do the work. It’s also possible to take out insurance that covers the cost of work on private drains. Some building insurance policies may already include coverage for private drains, so it’s essential to check with your insurance provider.
There are situations where local authorities or environmental health departments may intervene:

– If your private drain is deemed inadequate or causing blockages, the local authority may order you to carry out improvement work or replace the drain.

– In some cases, the local authority can undertake the necessary drain work themselves and then charge you for the cost.

It’s crucial to understand your responsibilities regarding drain maintenance and repairs to ensure the proper functioning of your drainage system and compliance with local regulations.