Above Ground Drainage Pipework

This should not be confused with below-ground pipework and is normally the grey, white PVC pipework that is located above ground and connects sanitary appliances to the below-ground system via a down pipe or a soil vent pipe. This is generally not part of a camera survey for various reasons including diameter, access difficulties and design. Normally it is easier to establish an issue with above-ground systems.
Downpipes and soil vent pipes are vertical sections of pipe that transport waste from the above-ground sanitary pipe network to the below-ground sanitary pipe network. A downpipe will take waste from surface water guttering, which takes water run off from roof areas. A soil vent pipe takes waste from the foul and grey water network and discharges to the below-ground network. Down pipes and soil vent pipes, because they are open to the atmosphere at the top, also serve an additional function of enabling good flow conditions to the system.