Viewline Improvements 2024

Summer 2024 will deliver more CCTV report improvements, new import options and an enhanced video text writer – for live recordings into Viewline’s pipe condition reporting software. Additional pages can now be added to enhance your company’s report offerings where detailed explanations of defective lines, remedial recommendations and/or references to regulatory guidelines can be added using Viewline’s dedicated text editor.

More exciting news involves the use of AI to aid reporting in the next few months and the move to a web based application by the end of the year. What does this mean? It means more automation. Our use of AI will mean that you will have a helping hand when you are reporting. We have a few things up our sleeve that you will be seriously impressed with. Our upcoming web based app will mean you can use Viewline on any device anywhere with on demand video and richer reports.

Working with UTS and Rausch

We have been working closely with UTS and Rausch to produce this latest integration with Rausch’s Omicron system.

Using the fully functional Viewline Touch interface operators can not only report on site but also control the pan and rotate functions of the camera systems.

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Clients love our traffic light system

Conversations with our drainage contractors and their clients have revealed a very clear message. They love our traffic light colour coding system! The system makes it incredibly easy to understand drainage survey reports and where remedial recommendations need to be made.

The system is built on the WRc (Water Research Centre) serviceability grading system, where a Grade C is a drain that requires repair and Grade A means the drain is good. We have added to this using a simple colour coding system.