Viewline Improvements

Summer 2023 delivers more CCTV report improvements, new import options and an enhanced video text writer – for live recordings into Viewline’s pipe condition reporting software. Additional pages can now be added to enhance your company’s report offerings where detailed explanations of defective lines, remedial recommendations and/or references to regulatory guidelines can be added using Viewline’s dedicated text editor. Familiar copy and paste functions, additional images, tables and hyperlinks to online documentation are only a few functions included in the new feature already proving popular with beta testers of the latest release.

Creating your own documents to accompany your report can easily be imported from previous survey projects – in much the same way as the current Client and Site import. We expect to add template downloads to our website in the near future as expectations for more detailed reports for the likes of pre-adoption and build-over surveys for water companies, mortgage lenders, and LABC, increase over time.

Project import of camera system data exports has been relaxed to include outdated MSCC4 and non-compliant formats, informing the user of incompatible codes and lending itself as a bridge to MSCC5 conformity.

A newsletter for current users with information on becoming a beta tester, report moderator, or simply being notified of updates will be rolled out this summer in line with our newly implemented customer relations management system and customer portal. All this in preparation for additional features which will remain a secret, at least for the time being.

Larger companies will be pleased to hear Viewline will now run without administrator account permissions required.

Sadly however, with these improvements (and after the price has remained the same for a record length of time) an increase – due to development and running costs – the price for Viewline is set to increase on the 1 st August 2023. Current users will be informed and offered the chance to renew their subscriptions before the deadline, but enquiries are still welcome at the current rate for new customers until this time.

Visit our website for more information on Viewline reporting applications many features.

Working with UTS and Rausch

We have been working closely with UTS and Rausch to produce this latest integration with Rausch’s Omicron system.

Using the fully functional Viewline Touch interface operators can not only report on site but also control the pan and rotate functions of the camera systems.

 Please contact Underground Technical Services via

Clients love our traffic light system

Conversations with our drainage contractors and their clients have revealed a very clear message. They love our traffic light colour coding system! The system makes it incredibly easy to understand drainage survey reports and where remedial recommendations need to be made.

The system is built on the WRc (Water Research Centre) serviceability grading system, where a Grade C is a drain that requires repair and Grade A means the drain is good. We have added to this using a simple colour coding system.