Viewline 550

Viewline 550 is designed as an easy to use, MSCC5 compliant software application to carry out standard compliant CCTV reports. Our application is WRc (Water Research Centre) approved. WRc Approval describes Viewline 550 CCTV sewer inspection software as a program designed for reporting observations and defects in domestic drainage systems. The program uses the domestic drainage codes specified in the Manual for Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition (MSCC5) and EN13508-2. Our certificate details can be found here.

This product is ideal for the drainage contractor that completes CCTV surveys for domestic and light commercial clients and is reasonably priced.

The Viewline 550 application is based on the full pipe condition coding list detailed within the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification, 5th Edition (MSCC5). Viewline Industry guides the user in the correct use of full header information and use of full observation and defect codes. The reporting application also automates the grading process to enable full Sewer Rehabilitation Manual (SRM) grading for the purpose of planned maintenance of sewers and drains.

The Viewline process involves adding survey video files, populating the CCTV project with the correct header information for each CCTV survey, capturing images and adding observation or defect information as required. Grading is automated. On completion, each project can be exported to PDF or XML or HTML. 

Reports include rich content including default and editable report interpretation information, initial overview information for quick decision making and visual defect descriptions designed to aid client and customer report understanding.

Viewline 550 is charged on an annual subscription and costs £250.00 per year/per license.

  • WRc Approved
  • Sold through quality and ease of use
  • 12 years of continuous development
  • Imports and exports to standard XML format
  • Designed by British, experienced drainage professionals
Great Design

Designed by experienced drainage professionals in conjunction with top end software designers.

Professional Reports

Reports that stand out and are easy to understand. Your clients will be impressed by the quality and uniformity of your report output

Easy to use

Most importantly, Viewline is very easy to use. We provide a 28-day fully functional trial with renowned support.