Below Ground Drainage Pipework

What makes up a drainage system and what should be surveyed? Obviously, there is the below-ground pipework that transports waste normally using gravity (there are pumped and vacuum systems) within the network. On private, residential properties this would be to connect appliances and generally transport waste to the the public sewer, which then takes the waste to a sewage treatment plant. (Where connection to the public sewer is not possible then treatment will be on-site using septic tanks, cess pits and the like). The pipework, in domestic/residential systems, is normally comprised of vitrified clay or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), amongst many other materials, generally with internal diameters of 100mm and 150mm.
Due to the restricted access nature of drainage pipes, small-diameter cameras are designed to survey these types of below-ground pipework systems and reporting applications such as Viewline are then used to convey the survey results in an easy-to-understand format.