What is a CCTV Survey?

A CCTV survey is the most commonly used method of establishing the condition of a below-ground drain. This may be to establish the reason behind some known existing problem that is causing a blockage or other issue. Surveys are also used to establish the condition of the drain at a moment in time. A good example might be for house-buying purposes, where the buyer would like to establish the condition of the system prior to purchase.
A CCTV survey is one method of establishing condition or serviceability. Serviceability is a term used to describe the functionality of a drainage system. In terms of DRB grading, a serviceable drain is functional and Grade A. An unserviceable drain is not functional (normally in terms of potential for blockage) and is termed a Grade C drain. This will require some form of remedial repair work. There may be a question where the drain falls into the grey area between the two. This type of drain is Grade B.